Microblading & PMU


Elite Ombre/Powder Brows

The most versatile & skin-friendly option of them all



Hairstroke effect created with a manual hand tool. Check suitability on the FAQ page first


HD Ombre Brows (Combination Brows)

Hairstroke effect, with digital powder effect on top for added depth. Skin suitability dependent.


Correction work

Please send photos to check suitability & arrange a treatment plan. Full or part removal is often recommended first for most cases.


Smokey Liner (Kohl effect)

A smokey finish to eyeliner, more like pencil effect than wet liquid liner, fading outwards. + £50 for bottom liner


Latino Liner (Liquid effect)

Eyeliner with a slight flick, price varies due to length and thickness. + £50 for bottom liner


Baby Liner (lash line only within the hairs)

Subtle liner to add depth to the lash line to frame the eyes. + £50 for bottom liner


Thick Liner (latino or smokey)

Eyeliner for those who are used to wearing a thicker liner. + £50 for bottom liner


Lip Blush

A soft lip tint effect - not to be used to drastically change the shape of the lip and not as a lipstick


Price includes 6-12 week top up. £20 off for you and a friend when you recommend.

£40 off when booked with filler or other PMU.

Colour Boosts


Additional touch-up upto 4 months 

If for any reason they need a small top up (eg oily skin or changed style). Please add £25 if another technique is required


5-18 Month Colour Boost

We advise having colour boosts when the area has faded at least 50% from the last heal. Please add £25 if you require 2 techniques


19-24 month Colour Boost

As above. If excessive fading a further chargeable topup may be needed. Please add £25 if 2 techniques are required


24+ month Colour Boost

As above. If excessive fading a further chargeable topup may be necessary. Please add £25 if 2 techniques are required. If too faded you will need a new treatment with a touch-up.


Colour Boost of work not done by Roxie or Beth

A top up of another technicians work, no shape/colour changes. One treatment. + £25 if 2 techniques. There is no guarantee they won't be a need for a further, chargeable top up. Please send pictures prior to booking as you may need a "Correction", see above pricing.


Eyeliner / Lip Blush Top Up (upto 3 years)

This style usually lasts a long time before fading, but may need a boost to keep the black strong


£20 off for you and a friend when you recommend.

£40 off when booked with filler or another area.

Premium Product Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin


Lip Filler - Current lip clients only. Not taking on new clients for this. 

.55-1ml Juvederm Volift, lasting 18 months


Tear Trough Filler

Filler specifically designed for under eye use, using a blunt instrument to fill hollow under eyes


Cheek / Chin filler 

Prices range due to amount and products used (1-2ml) 


Extra Filler 

Price for adding an area of filler on top of another. Price varies due to amount and areas


One area of Toxin

E.g frown, around the eyes


2 areas of Toxin 

E.g forehead (has to be done with frown), or adding one area elsewhere


3 areas of Toxin 

E.g forehead (has to be done with frown) plus around the eyes


£20 off for you and a friend when you recommend.

£40 off Filler when booked with brows.

Lash and Brow Treatments


Lamination & LVL

The ultimate brow lash makeover lasting 6-8 weeks!


Brow Lamination

The one-step solution to fluffy feathered brows, includes shaping, restructuring and tinting.


Henna Brows

Brow shaping, waxing, trimming with a nourishing Henna tint to the hair and skin.


LVL Lashes

Nouveau Lashes Lash lift, volume & tint. Lasts 6-8 weeks.


Patch tests are required for Lamination, Henna, and LVL.

Tattoo Removal/Lightening


X-Tract First Session

Revolutionary non-laser tattoo removal using patent pending DNA repair technology. Please check suitability before booking. Max 3"x3" tattoos only. Includes repair serum for 2 sittings.


Xtract tattoo removal 2nd sitting

As above, with repair serum from the 1st sitting. Extra repair serum at extra £45.


Heal Serum (if required)

The Heal Epidermal Repair Serum contains a patented ingredient called Trioxolane, which neutralises toxins, calms inflammation, and accelerates wound repair.


Repair Serum (Enough for 2x treatments)

The DNA Repair Serum contains a patented formulation called Zinc Finger Technology, which activates the natural remodelling process; which is a critical part of DNA repair.


LiFT Tattoo Lightening

A solution including salt and saline used to break down and flush out tattoo inks from the skin. Price based on eyebrows, other options and prices upon enquiry.


Multiple sessions are required for all tattoo removal services.