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Terms & Conditions
When booking an appointment at Elite Aesthetics you agree to our Terms & Conditions - Please read the following carefully.
We try to be as fair as humanly possible. When cancelling/rescheduling, we don't favour one reason over another, as everyone's reason is valid. The terms will apply to any and all reasons. We ask for your kind understanding as a small business being unable to carry out the work as planned and the impact this has; we thank and appreciate each and every one of you for this.

If you wish to book an appointment, a booking fee is required, which varies in amount across treatments (this is the amount you pay when you make a booking and comes off the total on the day). This is non-refundable under any circumstances and is required to secure your booking time and confirm your commitment to attending the appointment. Cancelling your appointment once booked for any reason will result in losing your booking fee if you do not wish to transfer it to another treatment. Please only make a booking if you have checked you are suitable for the treatment and are serious about attending. 

Cancelling your scheduled touch-up appointment will result in an extra non-refundable £50 to be paid before you can schedule another if sufficient notice was not given (3 days) as this is a slot that another client could have taken.

Making a booking when you are not able to have the treatment and didn't check with us beforehand (under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, previous

pmu, some medical conditions or medications) will mean that your booking fee either goes towards a treatment that you can have, or held until you are in a position to have the treatment, or would mean being forfeited. Clients are expected to do their research and check with us beforehand if they are any of the above, or aren't sure, before booking. 


Rescheduling can be done with ample notice (over 72h) free of charge one time. The second reschedule will result in 50% of the booking fee being lost even if ample notice is given.

Rescheduling 72-24h prior will lose 50% of the booking fee. Rescheduling 24h or less before will lose 100% of the booking fee.

Another booking will need to be made and if 72-24h notice was given 1.5 booking fee's will come off on the day.

If an included 6-12week top-up is rescheduled, the above rules apply, & a £50 fee will need to be paid in order to re book.

Any messages sent outside of working hours will be read during working hours eg emailing at 11.30pm will be counted from 9am the next day.

If you request a patch test to be posted and it hasn't reached you, and don't let us know with enough time to send another (3 days), you will be expected to collect one or the booking fee will be lost without ample notice to fill the space.

Likewise if a client falls pregnant it is illegal for us to continue with a treatment/ top up and this will be pushed back until the client is no longer breast feeding - any extra treatments needed are chargeable and booking fees are again not refundable if you fall pregnant.

If sufficient notice is given (3+ days) your full booking fee will roll over to the next available appointment.

If you reschedule frequently, and/or 'no show' more than once, regardless of the reason, we reserve the right to refuse future bookings.


Only one offer can be used at a time, this includes referral deductions - unless otherwise noted or prior agreement has been made. We have the right to refuse offers at any time. If you book before the offer has been announced, you will not be eligible. If you book after the offer has ended, you will not be eligible. If you do not mention the offer or apply the offer code at the time of booking, then you will not be eligible for the offer. If you do not meet these criteria, you will be required to pay full price for the service.


Running late puts pressure on the daily schedule. Please notify us as soon as possible to see if we can accommodate. If your appointment needs to be rescheduled due to your lateness it will be recognised as a no-show and the following applies:

If the time left is sufficient to go ahead then the normal charge applies however we cannot guarantee you will get the full time that would have originally been given to you.

If not enough time would remain to do the treatment the booking fee will be lost and another would need to be paid to book back in.

As a general guide - up to 15 mins is usually acceptable for a 2.5h appointment and10mins for a 1.5h appointment. For appointments that are less than 30mins, there is no margin for lateness, thus if you arrive late we will not be able to carry out your appointment and you will lose your booking fee.

It is not acceptable to show up late and ask for a reduction in price in proportion to the reduction in time.

Additional Information

Booking the 6-12week top up is the clients responsibility. If it falls outside of this, there is a late top up fee (20-40 depending on how much work is needed due to the delay).

Cash or Card payments only.

If you have had previous permanent make up done elsewhere it is the clients responsibility to send us pictures of the area, prior to booking in, to ensure we can work over it. If you arrive to your permanent makeup appointment with previous work that you have not declared, (and that we have not confirmed we are happy to work over) we may not be able to carry out the treatment - if this is the case you will lose your booking fee. 

We do not allow any persons under the age of 18 in the clinic. Please come alone to your appointment.


Deciding last minute to add an additional service to your treatment is not often do-able. Please give as much notice for this as possible as it requires more time to do more treatments. Discounts for multiple bookings are generous so please decide ahead.

It is the clients responsibility to let us know of any change in contact details or in letting us know alternative ways to contact.

If you act in a way that is abusive or untoward you will be asked to leave the premises. If this is via message you will be denied entry in future. We reserve the right to refuse custom (even if a top up hasn't been carried out) at any time if any abuse or negative behaviour has occurred, no refunds will be given. Any slanderous or unconfirmed reviews on any public domain will be investigated and legal action may be taken. 


EU General Data Protection Regulation. Privacy notice 2018. May 2018.

We are required by law to document what personal information we keep for all clients. At the time of booking your appointment your full name and contact details will be taken.  At your appointment further contact details, a medical history and consent will be recorded as required by law.

These records are kept private and confidential. You have the right to request to see your forms at any time.

We do not send marketing emails or letters however we aim to adhere to the GDPR rules and changes. We do not pass on any information to any other third parties or use the information for any other way other than relating to your cosmetic treatments.

We legally have to keep your information (address, contact details, what treatment you had on what date, and also photographs for legal reasons) for 5 years. Failure to do this results in a void in insurance.

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