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Curated Ear & Nostril Piercing

Ear and Nostril Piercing

Beth has trained with one of the most well known piercers within Oxfordshire to be able to bring you the most stylish piercing from the start, with the most in-depth knowledge to ensure you get the best result, smooth healing, and the most effective aftercare solution to take care of your new piercing. We pierce all areas of the ear, and nostril - all piercings are carried out with sterile equipment, and single use, top of the range needles - never a gun!

For examples of Standard, Deluxe and Elite jewellery which you can be pierced with, please see below:

The above items are examples only, if there is a specific piece you would like to be pierced with please let us know at least 7 working days in advance so that we can get it in stock and sterilised of you. Please note that the more simple a design you choose, the smoother your healing journey is likely to be. We do not pierce with hoops with the exception of Daiths on a case-by-case basis.

Green Leaf

Downsizing your jewellery

The majority of piercings need to be done initially with a longer bar to allow for any swelling - something which is normal after a fresh piercing. But once this swelling has gone down and the piercing is feeling more established, the longer bar can cause a myriad of avoidable problems including irritation pumps, piercing migration and increased catching! This is why when you get pierced with us, you get a complimentary downsize or check up to ensure your jewellery is fitting correctly. This is usually done 4-12 weeks after you get pierced, or once any swelling has subsided. When had before 12 weeks post piercing, the downsize appointment includes removing your initial jewellery, replacing it with a shorter stem, and reaffixing your chosen attachment. If you have any questions about this, or any other process, please get in touch.

Want to know about how to prepare for, and look after your new piercing?! If so, click below!

For more information on piercing, please visit our FAQ page

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