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Beth's Story

I began my career in permanent makeup in 2017 after seeing the positive impact that the process had on a close relative, who had permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and nipples, after being affected by breast cancer. I spent a long time researching the treatments, the best ways to learn and how to get into the industry. After reading about Karen Betts and her training academy, K.B.Pro - the UK's number one permanent cosmetics training facility - I knew they were the right choice for me. Since becoming a certified practitioner, my love for the industry has only grown. Seeing the positive way in which permanent makeup increases peoples' confidence, meeting so many amazing people and really honing my skills and techniques has been such a satisfying journey. I am honoured to be working alongside, and learning from Roxie Betts who has made an incredible name for herself in the industry by creating truly out of this world results.

Knowing that each client is different with unique facial structures, personalities, and colouring and that each person requires a totally bespoke treatment really plays to my strengths of being creative and with a very strong eye for detail - something which few careers cater for!

Bethany Wylie-Brydges
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