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Fine Line Tattoos

Books OPEN! As of April 1st our books are open.

What is a fine line tattoo?

These tattoos will have very delicate and thin lines created by using very small needles with tight configurations. This is in contrast to a 'traditional' tattoo which generally have much thicker lines. Being such a thin line, naturally it holds less pigment than a standard tattoo meaning it is more likely to require a touch up. As with any tattoo, these do spread slightly over time, meaning we still need to leave a good amount of 'space' within the design.

What sort of tattoo can I have?

We have flash designs (viewable on Instagram) which are ready to tattoo, or we can create a bespoke piece for you. Just contact us using our tattoo request form after that date to get a quote.

Please note we do not do neck, hand, finger, feet or toe tattoos due to the unpredictable healing of these areas.

Trained by the BEST!

Roxie & Beth underwent a long and intensive training period when they decided to expand their skills into the realm of fine line tattooing, incorporating their already well established skills from Permanent Makeup. They have both since had a masterclass with the amazing artist Libby Wells of Ephemeral Studio and Roxie went to Amsterdam to train with the world famous Bunami Ink. They are both dedicated to enhancing their craft throughout each coming year.

Green Leaf
Want to know about how to prepare for, and look after your new Tattoo! If so, click below!

For more information on tattoos, please visit our FAQ page

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