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Tattoo Request Form

At Elite Aesthetics, we specialise in fine line, delicate tattoos. Our experienced artists are experts in creating beautiful floral and ornamental pieces that will make you proud to show off your work. Let us know your design ideas and let us bring it to life!

Flowers on Bare Back

Please fill our the following form with as much information as possible in order to receive an accurate quote. The more detailed, the more likely we are to accept the concept. Portraits/Tribal etc will not be progressed. Fine line, Single Needle, Floral, Abstract, Ornamental, Mandala etc are likely to be accepted!

Which artist would you like to book with? Individual styles can be seen in our gallery

Thanks for submitting this form!
We’ll get back to you shortly to advise what length appointment may be needed.

Please note.. It would be really helpful if you could email us some design inspo for your idea! If you have any images in mind, please share them with us using the button below.

Length of time required and cost depends entirely on the requested design, its complexity, size, and  placement.

Team Elite

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