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Permanent MakeUp & Fine Line Tattoos in Amsterdam
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Common Questions
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What's the difference between Microblading/Hairstrokes and Permanent MakeUp?

Microblading creates ultra fine, 'lines' in the skin, using a hand tool with a number of tiny pins on the end. These pins are run over the skin creating a channel/cut where pigment is then rubbed into. To protect your skin from scarring, we use the digital method to create hair strokes just as crisp - or pixelated - with much less trauma! The machine method utilises the same, gentle machine we use to do our Ombre brow, with a small needle cartridge, which gently sews the pigment into the skin via controlled repetitions. Hairstrokes of any kind are not suitable for many clients due the fact that the stokes are likely to blur depending on your skin type. If you're unsure of your suitability please send us some up-close and very detailed images of your brow area so we can see your skin type and hair growth pattern.

Ombre Vs Hair strokes? - Ombre refers to a style of brow which is created purely with shading techniques and does not include hair strokes. In our opinion, this style heals much softer than hair stroke brows as there doesn't have to be any edges or lines in and the fronts can simply fade to nothing...whereas hair strokes are either on or off, and cannot "fade to nothing". Ombre will always age nicer over time as hair strokes can develop gaps which need filling sooner.

Ombre is not only our personal favourite, but much more suitable for the majority of skin types and lifestyles!

PLEASE NOTE: Oily, porous, or mature skin can affect the results of hairstrokes - It can heal more blurry or reject the pigment completely and cause damage to the skin, it can also fade faster. Because of this, we often advise against this option if you have this type of skin, and will recommend you opt for our Ombre brows as this method is suitable for all skin types. In addition, if you have a lot of natural hair, or are concerned about 'gaps', then Ombre would be the better option for you.

What about your ​Combo brow? - Elite Aesthetics by Roxie's signature brow incorporating both hair strokes, and Ombre/shading to add depth across the brow for a more "complete" healed look. Ideal for those who may be likely to still pencil over their hairstroke-only brows. This style includes hair strokes so please be aware that your results may be affected if you have any of the skin types mentioned above and we may advise against it. Please check with us before booking.

Corrections & Coverups

If you'd like to book in with us but have had permanent make up done elsewhere, you must send us pictures prior to booking in. This is so that we can ensure you are suitable for the treatment. These pictures must be taken with your back camera (not a 'selfie'), well lit, and with no makeup - they must also be in focus! We require a close up image of each brow (or liner/lips), and a full face picture so that we can assess symmetry.

Unfortunately we are unable to take on a high % of cover ups and most frequently we will recommend several sessions of removal/partial removal prior to re treating the area, in order to get the best result. This is to ensure the area is not over saturated with pigment and we can give you soft, flattering brows that are the best shape for your face.

Occasionally we can go ahead with a coverup/correction, in which case you should book in as a 'new client'. This booking includes an initial appointment, and a touch up session 6-12 weeks later.

If you have had permanent makeup elsewhere and you're happy with the shape and colour, but they have faded by at least 50%, and need a colour boost then you may be able to book in with us under our 'Top up of work not by us' option. We would need to confirm, upon receipt of images, that we too are happy with the shape and colour as during this appointment we would not make any changes to the shape or style of your brow and would purely boost the colour. This option includes one appointment only.

Want to know more about how it works? We've got a whole page to answer that HERE!

Or maybe you're ready to begin your permanent makeup journey and want to know about how to prepare for, and look after your new PMU! If so, click below!

For more information on permanent makeup, please visit our FAQ page

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