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Focus Dual

AKA 'The Lunchtime Face Lift'. The Gold Standard of Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling alongside HIFU - For the treatment of loose skin, lacking elasticity, scars & stretch marks

What's is the Focus Dual and what does it do?

The single-best alternative to surgical intervention for skin tightening/firming eg Jowls, mum-tums, fine lines & wrinkles, scarring eg acne scarring, stretch marks, and general firming & lifting of the skin.


Using a unique combination of two of the latest clinically proven technologies for non-surgical skin lifting, firming, and tightening of the face and body: Radiofrequency Microneedling (RFM) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

With the Medical CE certified Focus Dual system, you will see incredible results, and you can be confident that treatments are carried out to the highest safety standards, with minimal discomfort. 

Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling and High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) come together to give maximum results for retexturising and lifting the skin so that you can improve any clients’ skin quality at EVERY layer. With the flexibility of both insulated and non-insulated ultra-fine needles and unique vacuum features, this device delivers safe and effective treatments with reduced discomfort and downtime compared to other devices.

How does it work? - Insulated & non-insulated micro needles create tiny channels in the skin whilst emitting Radiofrequency deep into the skin for maximum collagen boosting thus improving elastin/firmness of the skin. Adding the benefit of HIFU at multiple depths, these ultrasound waves work deep in the skin heating cells to 65-80 degrees without trauma to the upper layers to cause maximum tightening, and even fat burning. A course of 3 treatments are recommended for the best and most ijmpactful results.

Radio Frequency Micro Needling

The Focus Dual uses vacuum suction technology and a stamping action - Ultrafine needles are inserted perpendicular to the skin surface with the suction technology ensuring that the microneedles penetrate the skin at a precise and safe depth, thus minimising skin trauma. Radiofrequency energy is then released from the microneedles (either through the full length of the needle, or just the tip depending on your concerns) boosting collagen production and helping to seal the micro-wounds. This controlled trauma triggers the body’s healing response of collagen and elastin production. Both technologies used in this treatment stimulate collagen in different ways. Microneedling creates micro-traumas in the skin, thereby stimulating the healing response, while radiofrequency uses heat to tighten the skin from the inside out. With Focus Dual you receive two treatments in one, meaning that you will achieve a stronger treatment and more effective results than when compared to having microneedling and radiofrequency treatments individually. The result is firmer, tighter, smoother, more lifted and hydrated skin.

What can RF Microneedling treat?

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Acne and surgical scars

  • Creepy neck skin

  • Loose and sagging skin

  • Stretch mark reduction

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Pigmentation 

  • Large pores

  • Loss of facial volume

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HIFU - High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, also known as ‘HIFU’, ‘non-surgical face lift’, ‘lunchtime face lift’ or ‘Focus Dual’ has become one of the most sought-after lifting, firming, and tightening treatments for face and neck. HIFU uses Focused Ultrasound to target the deep structural layers of the skin with heat, which it does without damaging the skin’s surface. Focus Dual HIFU is one of the few treatments that can reach the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS)—which was previously accessible only via surgery. The result is a natural lift with virtually no downtime. The heat generated in the skin stimulates the cells to produce strong, new collagen and kick-start dormant collagen. As collagen production increases up to 12 weeks post treatment, this results in a more youthful and refreshed look.


Collagen is important for skin health because it is a natural protein that promotes skin suppleness, firmness, hydration, and a youthful glow. Unfortunately, collagen production begins to dwindle as we age. A HIFU Facial lifts, tightens, and firms up loose skin to counteract the effects of both time and gravity. With Focus Dual we can lift, firm, tighten, and sculpt the face, brow, neck and jawline. Areas such as the chest, hands and other parts of the skin and body can also be treated. This treatment will not only give skin back its snap, but it will also naturally kick-start your body to increase the production of collagen and elastin to reduce signs of ageing.

HIFU safety

Traditional HIFU can be very painful as ultrasound heats up the skin surface. Lyntons magic 'Safety Assist Transducer' Technology allows targeting an accurate depth without causing excessive heat and discomfort on the epidermis layer. The result is little to no downtime.

hifu safety.PNG
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