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Deso Fat Dissolving

You've been exercising, eating well, and making healthy lifestyle choices but that stubborn little pouch of fat just won't budge! That's where DesoFace and DesoBody come in! Whether it's under the chin, the bra bulge, love handles, or 'saddle bags' - Deso Fat Dissolving can help support your goals and reduce those areas quickly and safely with minimal downtime or pain.


What's is Deso Fat Dissolving?

It is a state of the art, FDA Approved fat dissolving injectable product designed to treat those difficult localised pockets of fat E.G Lower stomach, under chin, bingo winks, flanks/hips, bra rolls etc. Depending on the area in question and the amount of fat desired to be removed, several sessions may be required - 2-6. 

Fat dissolving is not to be used as an alternative to weight loss and should be used when at your target weight to treat the areas which will not be lost with further alternative methods. 

Like Aqualyx, the active ingredient is Deoxycholic acid, which is proven to reduce fat deposits for the right patients. Deso has been noted to have less swelling and less pain, whilst being stronger and giving greater results. The results are permanent however if weight gain occurs post treatment, new fat cells can still increase in the treated area as they would have beforehand. 

Want to know about how to prepare for, and look after your treatment area?! If so, click below!

To learn more, get in touch or visit our FAQs!

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