Deso Fat Dissolving

What's is Deso Fat Dissolving?

It is a state of the art, FDA Approved fat dissolving injectable product designed to treat those difficult localised pockets of fat E.G Lower stomach, under chin, bingo winks, flanks/hips, bra rolls etc. Depending on the area in question and the amount of fat desired to be removed, several sessions may be required - 2-6. 

Fat dissolving is not to be used as an alternative to weight loss and should be used when at your target weight to treat the areas which will not be lost with further alternative methods. 

Like Aqualyx, the active ingredient is Deoxycholic acid, which is proven to reduce fat deposits for the right patients. Deso has been noted to have less swelling and less pain, whilst being stronger and giving greater results. The results are permanent however if weight gain occurs post treatment, new fat cells can still increase in the treated area as they would have beforehand. 

How does it work? - The active ingredient breaks down the fat cells in the treated area, the body then flushes these out over the following weeks along with drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

What happens at the appointment? - Following the completion of your prep & aftercare forms at home, you will be numbed in the treatment area before you then complete another form in clinic to give your consent. The area is then injected with a very thin insulin needle so little sensation is felt here. The product is injected and you may feel a sting at this point or a couple of minutes later, this subsides soon after. Once the area has been completed you will be massaged for a few minutes - you must continue this massaging after 48h for around 2+ weeks several times a day. 

Who can't have it done? - Sadly we cannot treat clients who are obese as the treatment won't work to the desired effect and it would lead to disappointment. 

We also cannot treat anyone who is pregnant/breastfeeding/ trying for a baby eg IVF. Anyone with severe anaphylactic allergies. Any auto immune diseases/dysfunctions. Diabetes must be under control. Other skin & health conditions and some medications are also contraindicated so please ask us before making a booking if you have any as booking fee's ae non refundable once booked. 

What can you expect? - A lot of clients experience swelling and redness after the treatment and this can last a few days or even weeks. The treated area can feel bruised or tender to the touch for a few weeks also. 

Results wise, some clients can see the difference straight away, whereas if the swelling is already present it can take a few weeks to see. 

You can have a further treatment a minimum of 5 weeks later, as long as the area is no longer tender. 

With any minimally invasive injectable treatment comes risks. These include but are not limited to: Hypersensitivity, bruising swelling discomfort, asymmetry, damage to surrounding structures eg nerves, an allergy (0.002%), nodules (although usually temporary), skin necrosis (0.007% however if treated by a GP at the early stages this would be much lower), etc.