The Microblading / PMU Process


At Elite Aesthetics, as we have collectively done a set of eyebrows/eyeliner over 3000 times, we mainly do this part on the same day as your treatment and not separately, we arrange patch tests beforehand (completed at least 3 days before), and ask that you declare and previous Permanent makeup and medical/skin concerns before booking.


The consultation is the most important part, where you convey the outcome that you would like, express any concerns, and we go through the consent forms and aftercare. If you have photos of styles that you like or how you currently wear makeup this can help, if not then we are confident in drawing the best shape for you and your face shape. Unfortunately there are occasions where we are not comfortable tattooing the shapes shown to us as we do not feel they are right for the client and in these instances we would decline to do the treatment. It is so important that you feel relaxed and that you can trust your technician so this is your chance to see you are making the right choice.


This part can take some time as I want to get it absolutely perfect. I take into consideration your face shape, if and how you normally wear your makeup, the amount and density of hair you have (for eyebrows) and use my experience to determine what will look good and together we come up with the best shape. We do not begin until you are 100%.

The Treatment

Once the shape has been drawn we can choose the right shade. I take into account your hair colour, undertones in your skin, and desired outcome to produce a couple of shades that will be best. Once you give the go ahead I am ready to begin.

All items I use are disposable and will be brand new and sealed for each treatment. There can be some discomfort but most ladies find it ok, some even fall asleep. I will give you a mirror so that you can have a look once I have started to once again be reassured. This can take up to 1 hour to perfect it and once finished you can admire your new makeup.


This takes anywhere from 5-14 days, depending on how you heal, your skin type, and the size of the treated area. This stage will always be up to 50% darker while it has a thin layer of scab over it. Some women find this stage disappointing as it is too dark, whilst others prefer it dark. You are required to keep the area as dry as possible other than applying the cream that is given to you. Resist the urge to pick the scabs and it should heal well.

Once the scabs have come off, you will see the true colour and not the overly dark colour. 6-12 weeks later you are required to return for your touch up (included) where we make any changes to the colour, shape, and fill in any parts that didn't heal well, as there are often parts that did not take to the pigment, this is totally normal and expected.