Dermal Fillers Process


This is the most important part, where you convey to me the outcome that you would like, express any concerns, discuss any skin or medical conditions that you have/had, and we go through the consent forms and aftercare. If you have photos of styles that you like that can help although for lips the shape is somewhat dictated by your natural lip, if not then I am confident in giving the best shape for you and your needs. It is so important that you feel relaxed and that you can trust your technician so this is your chance to see you are making the right choice.


for most treatments I apply a topical anaesthetic for 20 minutes when you arrive at your appointment. While this is taking affect we can run through the process again and I can answer any further questions you may have.

The Treatment

Now you are numb and comfortable i can begin the treatment. Some areas require the use of a cannula which results in far less trauma and bruising and is a much safer, pain free option.

All items I use are disposable and will be brand new and sealed for each treatment. There can be some discomfort but most ladies find it okay, certainly in comparison to other practitioners I am very gentle during the process.


This takes anywhere from 5-9 days, depending on how you heal, your skin type, and the size of the treated area. It is important that you do not drink alcohol for 24h, or do anything that will raise your heart rate as this will increase the chances of bruising after the event. It is also important to avoid alcohol the night before the treatment as your blood will be thinner and you will likely bleed and bruise.

Some products swell more than others, and some clients swell more than others, too. I take all relevant precautions to ensure your healing is as quick and as comfortable as I can make it.