Brow Lamination

The latest beauty trend to come out of Russia, Brow Lamination is taking the world by storm. Doing for brows what LVL does for your lashes, it is the process of restructuring and straightening your natural brow hairs to create a thicker and fluffier looking brow that holds their shape with nothing but a simple brush through!


Your ‘The Secret Brow Club’ trained brow stylist will identify the best brow style style to compliment your features and create it using the most advanced brow lifting techniques alongside precise hair removal (plucking and threading) and an optional brow tint to further define your brows should it be required.

Brow Henna

Using a range of perfectly formulated Henna your ‘The Secret Brow Club’ trained brow stylist will expertly colour your eyebrow hairs and the skin beneath and around your brows. This, combined with precise brow shaping, incorporating plucking, threading and waxing, creates a look very similar to our ‘Elite Ombré’ brow in just a single 1 hour long treatment.


This treatment not only gives you perfectly shaped brows with a skin tint that lasts up to 2-3 weeks but the additional nourishing ingredients within our chosen Henna brand help to improve your existing brow hairs - strengthening, thickening and protecting your brow hair.


Eyebrow Henna is perfect for those who would like to try a stronger brow look without the commitment of permanent makeup, or for those who want to elongate the life of their PMU without unnecessary colour boosts

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