Microblading / Permanent Makeup

What's the difference?

Microblading creates ultra fine, realistic hairstrokes using a hand tool with a number of tiny pins on the end. These pins are gently run over the skin creating a channel where pigment is then rubbed into. It goes into the upper Dermis in the skin, thus allowing it to slowly fade away over the coming months. This treatment is not suitable for many clients due to their skin type. 


Semi Permanent Makeup (although all methods are Permanent/Semi permanent), or otherwise The Digital Method works very similarly to a conventional tattoo, except the needles are tiny and the layer of skin is the same as microblading - the upper dermis - allowing it to also slowly fade out over the coming months. The pigment is implanted by the needle moving up and down a number of times a second, leaving it behind in the skin. This method implants pigment using tiny punctures, instead of tiny cuts. 

In terms of how long they last, the digital method can last longer as there is more pigment per "hairstroke" to fade away. 

Ombre Vs Hairstrokes? - Ombre alone does not include hairstrokes but can arguably heal softer as there doesn't have to be any edges or lines in an ombre brow and the front can fade to nothing whereas hairstrokes are either on or off, and cannot "fade to nothing". Ombre will always fade nicer over time as hairstrokes can leave gaps which need filling sooner.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have oily, porous, or mature skin this can affect the results of microblading and I often advise against it and to go for the Ombre brows as these are suitable for all skin types. It can heal more blurry or reject the pigment completely and cause damage to the skin, it can also fade faster. 

​HD OMBRE - Elite Aesthetics by Roxie's signature brow incorporating hairstrokes plus the ombre/powder effect (digital method) to add depth across the brow for a more "complete" healed look. Ideal for those who may be likely to still pencil over their microbladed brows. Also includes hairstrokes so please be aware that your results may be affected if you have any of the skin types mentioned above and I may advise against it. Please check with us before booking.


Bringing London Harley Street permanent makeup techniques to Elite Aesthetics, specialising in hairstroke eyebrows to give you the most realistic and natural result, or perhaps youd prefer to opt for a finished result which looks more like soft brow makeup like the Elite Ombre Powder brows. Finally you could choose a mixture of both microblading (ultra fine hair strokes) with the "powder" effect too, encorporating both hand tool and digital methods, to add depth whilst defining the brows. 


Offering a wide range of bespoke lip enhancements, we will consult with you about your usual makeup choices, your lifestyle, and your desired outcome to establish the best procedure for you. Be it a simple lip liner to make the vermilion border more crisp, or a soft lip blush to blend, or perhaps you would like some shading and enhanced lip line to give a fuller-lip effect.


A somewhat daunting procedure on the surface, but as with all treatments offered, the area is numbed prior to the procedure, and most clients report a tickling feeling. Whether you rely on your bottom eyeliner, or maybe you prefer a subtle lash enhancement on the top lid, there is an eyeliner solution to compliment all eyes. These can also be used to create the illusion of the eyes being closer or further apart if this is something you desire. Semi permanent makeup is extremely versatile.

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