Permanent Makeup & Microblading

What's the difference?

Microblading creates ultra fine, realistic hairstrokes using a hand tool with a number of tiny pins on the end. These pins are gently run over the skin creating a channel where pigment is then rubbed into. It goes into the upper Dermis in the skin, thus allowing it to slowly fade away over the coming months. This treatment is not suitable for many clients due to their skin type. 


Permanent Makeup (although both methods are considered 'Permanent'), is sometimes  known as 'The Digital' or 'Machine' Method, and works very similarly to conventional body tattooing - with a few exception! We generally use much smaller needles, in single configurations, only implant the pigment into the upper dermis (the same area of skin as microblading) and use pigment, instead of ink! The machines that we use are top of the range and implant the pigment very softly via repetitions (the needle moving up and down) a number of times a second. This deposits tiny dots of pigment in the skin that we then layer and build to create a completely bespoke brow, with gradients of density and softness, vs definition and depth, in the exact way to best compliment you - our client! This method of implanting pigment is much more gentle on the skin as it doesn't 'cut' the skin. It is also much more suitable for the majority of skin types and lifestyles.. as well as being our go to method to create our personal favourite style - Ombre Brows!!

Ombre Vs Hair strokes? - Ombre refers to a style of brow which is creates purely with shading techniques and does not include hair strokes. In our opinion, this style heals much softer than hair stroke brows as there doesn't have to be any edges or lines in an and the fronts can simply fade to nothing...whereas hair strokes are either on or off, and cannot "fade to nothing". Ombre will always age nicer over time as hair strokes can develop gaps which need filling sooner.

PLEASE NOTE: Oily, porous, or mature skin can affect the results of microblading - It can heal more blurry or reject the pigment completely and cause damage to the skin, it can also fade faster. Because of this, we often advise against this option if you have this type of skin, and will recommend you go opt for our Ombre brows as this method is suitable for all skin types.

What about your ​HD Ombre brow? - Elite Aesthetics by Roxie's signature brow incorporating both hair strokes, and the ombre/powder effect (digital method) to add depth across the brow for a more "complete" healed look. Ideal for those who may be likely to still pencil over their micro-bladed brows. This stye includes hair strokes so please be aware that your results may be affected if you have any of the skin types mentioned above and I may advise against it. Please check with us before booking.


Bringing London Harley Street permanent makeup techniques to Elite Aesthetics - specialising in the most advanced Ombre brow techniques which can create anything from a soft wash of colour to a more defined, makeup look. We also offer both micro-bladed and digital 'hair stroke' effects to give you the most realistic and fluffy results... or perhaps you'd prefer to opt for a combination of both ultra-fine, micro-bladed hair strokes and smooth ombre shading to add depth to your brown whilst maintaining definition.


Lip blush, lip tint, sheer lips - all terms to describe applying a translucent wash of pigment to enhance your natural lip colour and shape! This technique gives you the ‘gloss and go’ and ‘your lips but better‘ look - a look that plays to our strengths of creating natural and timeless outcomes, across all of our services, that will age gracefully. This treatment can make your lips appear larger and more symmetrical- though does not change the shape of your lips or work outside the boarder. The treatment is especially effective in clients with lip filler and those who have lost some pigmentation. Please note that this service does not create a lipstick effect - nor do we recommend the lipstick technique for those wanting thebest long term results. Please check our aftercare highlight for what to expect after the treatment.


What may seem like a daunting procedure at first, eyeliner treatments are becoming some of the most in demand transformations in the industry - and fear not, as with all treatments offered, the area is numbed prior to the procedure, leaving most clients with nothing more than a tickling sensation! Whether you're after a subtle lash enhancement (lash line only - our favourite), a latino liner (liquid liner effect), or a Smokey Liner, we offeran eyeliner solution to compliment all eye shapes and personal styles. When thinking about this treatment, what we always remind our clients of is the natural aging process. Generally, liner lasts longer than brows and you may not want a 'fashion' eyeliner in the years to come.

Corrections & CoverUps

If you'd like to book in with us but have had permanent make up done elsewhere, you must send us pictures prior to booking in. This is so that we can ensure you are suitable for the treatment. These pictures must be taken with your back camera (not a 'selfie'), well lit, and with no makeup - they must also be in focus! We require a close up image of each brow (or liner/lips), and a full face picture so that we can assess symmetry.

Unfortunately we are unable to take on a high % of cover ups and most frequently we will recommend severalsessions of removal/partial removalprior to re treating the area, in order to get the best result. This is to ensure the area is not over saturated with pigment and we can give you soft, flattering brows that are the best shape for your face.The type of removal most suitable will depend on several factors.

These factors include skin integrity (scarring etc - more common with microblading), level of saturation,and tone of pigment remaining.

Occasionally we can go ahead with a coverup/correction, in which case you should book in as a 'new client'. This booking includes an initial appointment, and a touch up session6-12 weeks later.

If you have had permanent makeup elsewhere and you're happy with the shape and colour, but they have faded by at least 50%, and need a colour boost then you may be able to book in with us under our 'Top up of work not by us' option. We would need to confirm, upon receipt of images, that we too are happy with the shape and colour as during this appointment we would not make any changes to the shape or style of your brow and would purely boost the colour. This option includes one appointment only.

For more information on permanent makeup, please visit our FAQ page by clicking here.