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Lisbon Pricing

All of our pricing can be found below. You may be able to pay in 3 parts for your new Permanent makeup - Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.

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-Colour Boosts

-Fine Line Tattoos


Ombre Brows, Combo Brows and Hairstroke Brows in Lisbon. Price includes 4-12 week top up, can be split into 3 payments

Ombre/Powder Brows

From "dusty"/ barely there, to a tint-effect. The most versatile of all


HyperRealism Hairstroke Brows

Hairstroke effect in a realistic hair pattern to follow your natural growth. Skin suitability dependent.


Combination Brows

Hairstroke effect, with digital powder effect on top for added depth. Skin suitability dependent.


Correction work

Please send photos to check suitability & arrange a treatment plan. Full or part removal is often recommended first for most cases.



Eyeliner tattoo in Lisbon. Should be considered Permanent. Includes 4-12 week top up.

Colour Boosts recommended 3+ years

Infralash / Baby Liner No Flick (lash line only within the hairs)

Subtle liner to add depth to the lash line to frame the eyes.


Infralash / Baby Liner With Flick (lash line only within the hairs)

Subtle liner to add depth to the lash line to frame the eyes with a small flick


Latino Liner (Liquid effect)

Eyeliner with a slight flick, price varies due to length and thickness.


Smokey/Shaded Liner (Pencil effect)

A smokey finish to eyeliner, more like pencil effect than wet liquid liner, fading outwards.


Lip Blush
Lip Blush

Lip Blush in Lisbon. Not to be used to change the shape of the lips or "over line". A lip tint effect.

Dark Lip Neutralisation may require a 3rd treatment which is chargeable.

Lip Blush

A lip tint effect for a flush of your favourite colour


Dark Lip Neutralisation

Can be used to darken lighter lip skin, or lighten darker lip skin for an even tone

May require a 3rd treatment which is chargeable at the 0-4 month colour boost price


Colour Boosts

Additional touch-up up to 4 months 

If for any reason they need a small top up (eg oily skin or changed style).


Brows upto 24 Month Boost

We advise having colour boosts when the area has faded at least 50% from the last heal. 


Brows 24-36 month Boost

As above. If excessive fading a further chargeable top up may be necessary. If too faded you will need a new treatment with a touch-up.


Eyeliner / Lip Blush upto 24 month Boost

This style usually lasts a long time before fading, but may need a boost to keep the black strong.


Eyeliner / Lip Blush 24-48 month Boost

As above. If excessive fading a further chargeable top up may be needed. 


Colour Boost of work not done by Roxie

A top up of another technicians work, no shape/colour changes. One treatment. There is no guarantee they won't be a need for a further, chargeable top up. Please send pictures prior to booking as you may need a "Correction", see above pricing.


Fine Line Tattoos
Fine Line Tattoos

For a new tattoo quote please first send your ideas (with inspiration images) via email and one of our team will get back to you. Length of time depends on the size, placement, and complexity of the design.

Tiny Tattoo

max 30 mins.


XS Tattoo

Upto 1hour


S Tattoo

Upto 1.5hours


M Tattoo

Upto 2hours


L Tattoo

Upto 3hours


XL Tattoo

Price on enquiry


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