Removal Methods

LiFt - Salt & Saline

Taking an age-old method of tattoo lightening/removal which works by tattooing a salt & saline solution into the tattoo,  which by way of osmosis, breaks down and draws pigment out of the skin. Because of the mechanics of this method it can appear darker after the first sitting, and get much better results after the second. As with any removal journey, it is not a one-treatment victory, usually. 
This method stings during treatment and can feel sore after. It will almost always look very red immediately after and for upto 7-10 days until the scab has flaked away. For red pigments, the skin remains red for a few more weeks before this goes away.



A newer, more holistic approach using multiple specially engineered solutions and heat to create the perfect environment for the macrophages in the skin cells to "eat" away at the tattoo ink. This method can be extremely effective, taking fewer treatments.


A moist healing environment is encouraged, which means the healing process for this method is arduous and unsightly. You will be required to keep the area covered with a cling-film like material (provided) for 3-14 days (Depending on area treated - 3 for the face) and this barrier needs replacing with fresh serum added (provided) during this time. This method is much more gentle on the skin and though the aftercare is intense, this innovative system is known to also reduce scaring.


We don't offer laser tattoo removal in our clinic however we can recommend Permanent Beauty in Maidenhead. Sometimes laser works out to be the fastest and most effective way to lighten or remove unwanted pigment in the skin. 

Can be painful with swelling and funky colours during healing but the treatment itself takes around 1 minute. 

For more information on tattoo removal please visit our FAQ page by clicking here.