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LipoFirm Pro

The leading and multi award winning medical platform with proven clinical results using patented, one-of-a-kind combined technologies, now available at The Barn! 

What's is Lipofirm Pro and what does it do?

Lipofirm Pro uses Tripolar Radiofrequency and Muscle Activation Technology together to firm muscles, increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, and most importantly - tighten skin and reduce fat and cellulite.


How does it work? It does this by heating the skin to 41 degrees, and the subcutaneous fat cells to 70 degrees, at which point the key cells in the body which produce collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid are awakened to create more of those vital components and "repair" the "damage" to the area, and the fat cells quite literally melt and decrease in side, to be used as energy, and the remaining parts are flushed out via the lymphatic system. Clients report needing to urinate more - this is your fat cells leaving your body! 

Treatments must be spaced 1-3 weeks apart for best and fastest results.

Dynamic Muscle Activation can be felt like a current under the skin, making the muscles contract, and causing a "squeezing" effect of the melted fat cells. Pressure from above and below, along with the increased temperatures, combine to create the perfect environment for a reduction in the treatment area.

In aesthetic medicine, for the past 85 years, Radiofrequency is the best, clinically proven

method of skin tightening. This can be done on the face and anywhere on the

body (except for breasts and genitalia). 

This treatment only works well alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, and

should not be used as an alternative to weight loss, if that is your goal. 

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Who can have it?

It is not suitable for those with metal implants in the desired treatment area including a copper coil for abdomen treatments, or any pacemaker device. Those with a history of cancer will also not be able to undergo treatment until 5 years clear. Roaccutane must be stopped 6 months prior to treatment (or longer if it was a long course).

Any autoimmune disease is a contraindication to treatment. If you have received nerve damage anywhere on the body you will not be able to have treatment. Kidney or liver issues are also a contraindication. 

Reasonable gaps need to be left between this and other treatments eg Laser/IPL/Peels (if on the face). Please get in touch for more detailed information if you plan on having other treatments during your course.

Botox & Filler should be avoided 2 weeks either side. 

A number of medications can be contraindications so please check with us before booking if you're unsure.

Green Leaves
Want to know about how to prepare for, and look after your new treatment area?! If so, click below!

To learn more, get in touch or visit our FAQs!

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