Elite Aesthetics by Roxie Ltd @ The Brow Barn, Bicester, was created by Roxie who has specialised in Aesthetics since 2015. From its' overwhelming success and the need for another pair of talented hands, Beth joined the team mid 2019 with years of experience in permanent cosmetics under her belt and a keen eye, a real artist, truly complimenting Roxie's style.

Roxie's Story

From a young age I had always shown a keen interest in beauty and everything surrounding it. For as long as I can remember I have been the one friend to do everyone's makeup, hair, and nails... still to this day!

Doing this alongside my University degree and throughout my adult life I decided it was time to take the next step and be able to offer something that could really change peoples lives and make a real difference.

Makeup is a blanket of confidence that so many of us wear on a daily basis yet we all battle with its temporary nature. Having taken all of it off, without it being all over my pillows and still looking great is something I only dreamed of.

A longer lasting confidence and beauty is the concept that inspired me to enter this profession, accompanied by my innate passion for the industry, artistic flair and perfectionism.

My journey began late 2015, I trained on the world famous Harley Street with a SPMU specialist of over 15 years to gain my Aesthetic Micropigmentation certificate, with which I received glowing compliments on my work from day 1 from trainers and models alike.

I have since trained with world famous Lorena Oberg and Dr Andrew Hansford to add Skin Rejuvenation (Level 4) to my specialities. This enabled me to further my learning and skills, allowing me to train in and become a certified practitioner to offer Dermal Fillers early 2017. I am now trained to a level 4 in all of my disciplines with countless masterclasses across Europe to boot.

Beth joined the team in 2019 when I expanded into my own premises, The Brow Barn, Bicester. Check out our Insta Highlights to see where it came from!

It takes far more than a certificate to be good at this art form - so for the confidence that you are in the right hands, please take a look through the gallery, testimonials, or please do get in touch.

Beth's Story

I began my career in permanent makeup after seeing the positive impact that the process had on a close relative, who had permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and nipples, after being affected by breast cancer. I spent a long time researching the treatments, the best ways to learn and how to get into the industry. After reading about Karen Betts and her training academy, K.B.Pro - the UK's number one permanent cosmetics training facility - I knew they were the right choice for me. Since becoming a certified practitioner, my love for the industry has only grown. Seeing the positive way in which permanent makeup increases peoples' confidence, meeting so many amazing people and really honing my skills and techniques has been such a satisfying journey. I am honoured to be working alongside, and learning from Roxie Betts who has made an incredible name for herself in the industry by creating truely out of this world results.

Knowing that each client is different with unique facial structures, personalities, and colouring and that each person requires a totally bespoke treatment really plays to my strengths of being creative and with a very strong eye for detail - something which few careers cater for!